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MetLife insurance for other financial products

Customizable life insurance, disability insurance, and medical insurance solutions for customers and members of banks, financial institutions, and large organizations.
Enhancing the value of memberships, MetLife’s insurance for non-employee group offers attractive rates of insurance in the case of death, disability insurance and medical insurance. This customizable insurance was created with banks, financial institutions and large organizations in mind. It is offers customizable insurance solutions for individual needs and budgets.
This product provides in-depth coverage and affordable rates, while requiring minimal medical documentation.
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Features Collapsed Expanded

Customizable insurance packages for your customers and members offering life insurance, disability insurance and medical insurance coverage.

Who is this ideal for? Collapsed Expanded

It is ideal for banks, financial institutions and other organizations with a large customer base.

Key value propositions Collapsed Expanded

Customizable group package, covering death, disabilities and medical insurance for banks, financial institutions, and organizations with a large customer and member base.

Glossary of insurance terms Collapsed Expanded

This PDF file provides a glossary of insurance terms and definitions that are commonly used in the insurance business. Click Here

Disclaimers: MetLife group insurance policies contain certain exclusions, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Contact your MetLife representative for more information.