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Policy Reinstatement Process

Why Policy Reinstatement is important?

  • A lapsed policy does not provide any coverage or financial security.
  • *Without reinstatement, lapsed policy does not provide other financial benefits.   
  • *Policy holder may take a loan against an in force policy.
  • *Policy holder receives maturity value from an in force policy. For some policies, partial maturity in addition to maturity value is applicable.

How to reinstate the policy?

  • Policies lapsed in last five years can be reinstated. For some policies, this time limit is 3 years.
  • A properly filled reinstatement form is required.

  • Contact our Call Center or visit the nearby Customer Touch Point to know the amount of your pending premium.
  • All the underwriting guidelines will be applicable in the reinstatement process. 

To reinstate the lapsed policy, contact our call center at 16344 (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) or your Financial Associate.

*Terms and Conditions apply