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Income Growth Plan

Life insurance Policy at a low cost and with a high rate of return on savings

Whether it’s your child's wedding or a dream home for your retirement, the Income Growth Plan can help you to achieve your aspirations for the future. Face the future with confidence with MetLife’s Income Growth Plan.

  • A unique Policy that combines life insurance and savings protection
  • Offers you a maximum Premium payment term of up to 30 years, thereby giving the flexibility of choosing small payments to suit your budgetary needs
Plan Overview
Policy Overview

The Policy is split into two phases. The first phase is for a period of 7 years and then the second phase starts from the 8th year, and includes the rest of the term. During the first 7 years your Cash Value grows and at the end of the 7th year a dividend is declared. During the second phase, the Cash Value and dividend are transferred to the Investment & Protection Account (IPA). From the 8th year onwards, the Policy offers a range of flexible options such as changes to the amount of Premium, Insurance Coverage, etc., subject to the Policy terms and conditions.

Death Benefit
Death Benefit

In case of death of the insured during the first 7 years of the Policy, the basic Face Amount (less any debt on the Policy) will be paid to Beneficiary. In case of death of the insured after the first 7 years of the Policy, the basic Face Amount or the IPA value, (whichever is greater) will be paid to Beneficiary.

Maturity Benefit
Maturity Benefit

The maturity Benefit shall be the IPA Value less any indebtedness. 

Additional Accidental Coverage
Personal Accidental Coverage (if chosen)

A) Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability will be equal to Basic Face Amount but not exceeding BDT 2,000,000

B) Accidental Dismemberment will be up to basic Face Amount but not exceeding BDT 2,000,000

C) Accident Medical expense Reimbursement limit per accident will be up to 15% of basic Face Amount but not exceeding BDT 300,000