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Group Medical Plan

An affordable medical plan that is easily accessible for employees and dependents.

With our diverse insurance portfolio and decades of experience, MetLife provides a customized group medical plan for employers that provides group medical insurance benefits that suit any Bangladeshi company's needs.

  • Choose from a wide range of in-patient, out-patient and a range of additional group medical insurance benefits to create a package that suits your organisation and your employees' needs.
  • Reimburse necessary and reasonable medical expenses incurred by an eligible insured employee and/or dependants due to accident or sickness

Learn more about the MetLife Group Medical Plan

MetLife’s Group Medical Plans are suitable for all sizes of companies, as well as multi-national corporations. The medical coverage includes reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by an insured employee or dependent while being in hospital.

1. Key benefits of the Group Medical Plan

Hospitalization benefits

Medical expenses incurred by an insured employee and dependant are reimbursable. For example:

        150K Plan:           Maximum BDT 150,000/disability

MetLife offers a basic in-patient general hospitalization plan with the following types of benefits to your employees, their spouse and children:

  • Daily room and board charges
  • Nursing care and services
  • Intensive care benefits
  • Cost of registered ambulance services to and from hospital
  • Surgical benefits
  • Doctor’s in-patient visits
  • Diagnostic x-ray and laboratory expenses in the hospital
  • Minor surgeries and day care
  • Selected pre and post hospitalization expenses


The above expenses are intended to ease the burden of expenses that can arise from serious illnesses of a non-occupational nature.

Employers can add the following benefits to MetLife’s basic in-patient general hospitalization plan.

In-patient maternity

  • Normal delivery
  • C-section
  • Miscarriage or legal abortion


Out-patient general

  • Out-patient doctor visit (general practitioner, specialist, consultant)
  • Clinical examination
  • Investigation services
  • Medicine and treatment



  • Consultation
  • Scaling
  • Filling
  • X-Rays
  • Medication
  • Root canal treatment
  • Capping for root canal treated tooth



  • Consultation for errors of refraction;
  • Tests for errors of refraction;
  • Prescribed medicine; 
  • Costs of frames
  • Costs of prescribed lenses

All eligible employees and their spouses and dependent children may be included under this coverage.

100% of all eligible employees must be enrolled. In addition, 100% of either Spouses or dependent Children may be enrolled.

Flexible payment modes are available ranging from annual to quarterly.

This PDF file provides a glossary of insurance terms and definitions that are commonly used in the insurance business. Click Here

Disclaimers: MetLife group insurance policies contain certain exclusions, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Contact your MetLife representative for more information.