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Savings & Investment Plans

Our savings and investment plans will allow you to live your desired lifestyle today while planning your future and a secured tomorrow.

MFDPP- Assurance

MetLife Fixed Deposit Protection Plan (MFDPP)- Assurance ensure guaranteed Maturity Value while securing future

MetLife Three Payment Plan (M3PP)

MetLife Three Payment Plan (M3PP) is an ideal solution with a combination of Protection, Savings and Necessity.

Income Growth Plan

Income Growth Plan from MetLife is a unique life insurance policy that combines life insurance and savings protection

MetLife Depositor's Protection Scheme

MetLife Depositor's Protection Scheme is a universal life insurance scheme that combines life insurance, health protection and savings for you and your family.


Endowment insurance is a long-term life insurance policy designed to pay an attractive maturity value with bonuses on its maturity or on death of insured.

MetLife Endowment

MetLife Endowment-Growth:  A combination of financial growth through equity based fund management and insurance protection.

MetLife Endowment-Secure: MetLife Endowment Secure Policy helps you protect your current finances and plan for the future.