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MetLife Depositor Protection Scheme (MDPS)

A life insurance solution with various medical benefits, while savings in this scheme maintain their value steadily.

MetLife Depositor Protection Scheme (MDPS)

We all aspire to be successful in life, and ensure a secure future for own self, and our family members. However, success in life, comes hand in hand with risk, and you want to be prepared for both unforeseen & unexpected challenges in life. At MetLife, we understand your need to be prepared for these incidents that may come during your journey of life. We also understand that you need to plan for a simple yet inclusive financial arrangement so that you are ready to live your present without stress and tackle the unforeseen when it comes.

MetLife brings you a life insurance solution in the form of the MetLife Depositor Protection Scheme (MDPS), a deposit protection scheme that will help you meet your different expectations and provide financial protection to your family. It not only can help you to protect your present but will also let you maintain its value steadily ensuring that your family’s future financial needs are taken care of.

In-hospital Benefit

If you are hospitalized due to accident or sickness, you will get daily fixed in-hospital cash benefit up to 30 consecutive days per hospitalization and for a total of 360 days during coverage period, even if you are admitted in a free hospital. In-hospital daily coverage amount will be 0.5% of Face Amount or BDT 20,000 whichever is lower.

360Health "Premium" Service

With the health insurance cover of 360Health, we are with you and your family for the long-term, helping you prevent, understand, and manage serious health conditions today and tomorrow. And our Platinum Customers can enjoy these services without any cost. They can enjoy all the premium services of 360health for example, Doctor video call, Doctor Audio call, Doctor chat service and many other health related features completely free of cost. In addition, Gold Plan Customers with a minimum face amount of 500,000 can also enjoy all the premium services of 360 Health. Other MetLife and non-MetLife customers can also enjoy other complementary benefits.

Critical Illness Benefit

You will receive a coverage of 50% or 100% (depending on your issue age, Policy term and your choice) of the Face Amount if you are diagnosed with or undergo surgery for the critical illnesses. Maximum Critical Illness coverage can be BDT 40 lac. 

Life Insurance Coverage

For Platinum, Gold and Silver plans, your life insurance will cover the payment of a “Face Amount” (which is your annual premium times the policy term you chose). If the Account Value at the time of death is higher than the Face Amount, the Account Value will be paid less any indebtedness. For Bronze plan, Account Value or the premiums paid at the time of death, whichever is higher, will be paid less any indebtedness. 

Additional Accidental Coverage

You can get an additional Accidental Benefit under which 2 times of Face Amount or BDT 4 crore, whichever is lower, will be paid in the event of accidental death or accident leading to Permanent Total Disability. In case of Accidental Dismemberment, the additional Accidental Benefit may reach up to 2 times of the Face Amount or BDT 4 crore, whichever is lower, depending on the type and extent of loss.

Waiver of Premium

If you become permanently and totally disabled due to accident or sickness within the age of sixty (60) year, MetLife will pay all Premiums on your behalf

Maturity Value

You can receive maturity value that will be 100% of Account Value at maturity less any indebtedness.

Discounts on various medical and diagnostic services

You can avail up to 40% discounts on various medical and diagnostic services from a wide range of hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. Click on this link to see the detail list of hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers under this coverage-

Life Card Discount Providers List | MetLife Bangladesh



1.     This Policy is underwritten by American Life Insurance Company (‘MetLife’) and is always subject to the terms and conditions described in the Policy. The information contained in this page is intended only for general understanding of the customers. The terms, conditions and exclusions are included in the contract of insurance. For any discrepancies between the information contained herein and contract of insurance, the later shall prevail.

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3.      This Policy is not available in the United States, or offered to U.S. persons; for purposes of this statement, a U.S. person is a citizen or resident of United States (including a U.S. permanent resident residing outside the U.S.), U.S. partnership and any trust that is controlled by one or more U.S. persons and is subject to the supervision of a U.S. Court.

4.      The term “Rider” wherever used herein shall mean and include any supplementary contract(s) attached with the basic Policy. The Rider is not a standalone product and it requires a basic Policy (the information/list of eligible basic Policy will be available to MetLife Financial Associate(s) and the required basic Policy(ies) shall be determined by MetLife) to become operative. The Rider (if any) attached with the basic Policy, will be automatically terminated on the termination and/or expiry date of the Rider or at the end of the Premium payment term, whichever is earlier.