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Life Card by MetLife Bangladesh

Life Card

MetLife Bangladesh is proud to announce the launch of the Life Card, offering customers additional value in form of our very own loyalty card program. Cardholders benefit from this program, getting discounts on various medical and diagnostic services from a wide range of hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers.

Discounts from the partnering medical service providers apply exclusively to all Life Card holders, MetLife employees and their eligible dependents. The link below offers the latest list of Life Card discount providers in Bangladesh.

Value Added Services (VAS) – Anti-Aging Health Checkup

Value Added Services (VAS) - Eye Care Test

Bangladesh Life Card Discount Providers


PPO for Cashless Hospitalization

If you are one of the insured under Metlife Bangladesh's Group Medical Policy or a Group Policyholder's Representative, click on the link below to find our latest list of approved medical providers in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh PPO list for Cashless Hospitalization

Life Card MetLife Bangladesh