How to Save Money for Hajj and Umrah

There are few things that can matter more in life for a Muslim person than fulfilling the religious duty of performing Hajj. Undertaking this once in a lifetime journey is something that adults strive to be capable of making.

After Saudi Arabia sets the cost per person for Hajj, people in Bangladesh have the option to purchase tour packages offered by the government, as well as private packages. In 2019, the Hajj cost from Bangladesh for per person was set at TK3.45 lakh. This is why having a solid financial plan for making this important visit is vitally important for Bangladeshis. Until pilgrimage levels return to normal, people in Bangladesh can begin a monthly savings scheme to acquire enough money to undertake the journey. However, traditional savings account only takes care of savings part, but this policy takes care of protection part as well both before hajj and during the pilgrimage as well.

To save for this important journey in a 100% Shariah compliant way, a Hajj and Umrah Plan, like the option offered by MetLife provides insurance benefit as well as a Hajj and Umrah Benefit in the Shariah compliant way. After the account value accumulation period, policyholders receive the total account value as a lump sum to fund pilgrimage. Policyholders also have an added life insurance coverage, which means that their beneficiary receives the entire face amount or account value, depending on which is higher, upon their death during the account value accumulation period. If the policyholder dies while performing Hajj and Umrah due to natural causes or an accident, their beneficiary receives 100% and 200% of the face amount respectively. Hajj Umrah plans also deliver Income tax advantages.

Make sure that you are prepared to cover the financial obligations surrounding Hajj and Umrah by purchasing a protection and savings policy that helps you make the journey and delivers an insurance benefit.