How Health Insurance Can Protect You from Rising Healthcare Costs

Some people will find themselves lucky to go through life without any major health incidents. However, illnesses such as serious coronary artery diseases, stroke, and many forms of cancer are affecting larger portions of the population. Critical illnesses also have a larger impact on families' long-term well-being that depend on a single family member. Bangladeshis are beginning to take more proactive steps to plan for their family’s future in their absence or if they need to spend time in the hospital. This is fueling demand for more health services and access to newer forms of treatment.

However, Bangladeshis spend a large amount of their savings on healthcare. Households cover 67% of medical costs out of pocket without any insurance assistance, making the financial impact of health emergencies on family finances more significant. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its scale and transmission rate, is the most visible example of why it is critical to prioritize your health and wellbeing as well as have a safety net for health emergencies. Health insurance is the primary way to ensure that your hard-earned savings are not depleted when it  these might be needed most. When looking for health insurance, consider a plan that can offer comprehensive coverage for treatment as well as life coverage to help your family in the event of your absence.

How does health insurance work?

Health insurance covers medical expenses for the policyholder and any insured family members in case of an emergency through reimbursement. The policyholder pays a regular premium in exchange for health protection. It covers expenses incurred from in-patient procedures as well as critical illnesses. This reduces out-of-pocket payments, and any surprise bills that policyholders and their families would otherwise be responsible for. In this way, the wellbeing of you or your family member can be the focus rather than how you will pay for the care or medication.

How does health insurance continue to protect as costs rise?

While illnesses and healthcare costs are nearly impossible to predict, health insurance makes it possible to have a plan for anything that crosses your path. Some plans, like the MetLife Critical Illness Insurance with Return of Premium Super (CI ROP Super) ( offered by MetLife presents a Policy that associates protection with the return of Premium.

Even with the best-laid plans, the impact of any sudden financial crisis can have long-term implications for your family’s future prospects. Paying into a health insurance scheme offers the peace of mind that you and your family will be protected should anyone covered under the policy experience a health crisis. Compared to what it would cost to get medical treatment at a hospital without insurance, you ultimately get more value from the premium for a health insurance plan.

Health insurance is a must-have to navigate today’s unpredictable medical marketplace, especially if you are taking your health more seriously. As the cost of healthcare increases, insurance can provide essential protection so that your family does not need to worry about daily expenses during your treatment and recovery, or about how they will manage in your absence. Talk to a financial advisor about the best policy to suit your budget and family’s needs. A health scare or medical emergency should consume your entire savings or create a detour in your future plans.