Types of Health Insurance Policies for Families in Bangladesh

A study says 26% of households in Bangladesh incur catastrophic health expenditure on hospitalisation for cancer, liver diseases and paralysis. This may happen to any family member irrespective of their ages and health conditions.

Health Insurance policies are designed to save you the financial burden of paying medical bills when you least expect them. Instead of tapping into your personal savings, you can rely on your family medical insurance to protect you and your loved ones’ health and financial well-being when most needed.

What is Family Health Insurance?

Family health insurance is a type of plan that provides coverage for all medical-related expenses such as hospitalization, doctors’ or physicians’ consultations, and health check-ups. Family health care plans give you financial support when needed provided for the wellness of your loved ones seeking healthcare services.

Defining Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance can be defined as a plan that offers coverage for you and your spouse, and your dependent children when they need medical care. Your parents may also be included in a family medical insurance plan as dependents.

How Are Family Health Insurance Plans Different From Other Plans?

Finding the right health insurance plan for your family can be overwhelming with so many options available to you. However, buying insurance for your family is no different from buying an individual health insurance policy besides some key factors that need to be noted:

  • One premium can be paid for all members on a single plan.  Besides, premium and coverage amount can be different by choice of the policyholder.  
  • Premiums are higher for family health plans but more cost-effective per member compared to taking out an individual plan for each person.

Individual health insurance plans are designed to protect single policyholders while family policies offer cover for more than one member.

How Family Health Insurance Works

The policyholder pays a regular premium in exchange for financial support and coverage on medical expenses. The insurer reimburses medical claims to the insured while reducing costly out-of-pocket medical payments for the family.

What Does Health Insurance Cover?

Health insurance for families covers similar medical expenses as those on an individual policy. These include any or all of the following, depending on the terms stipulated by the plan:

  • Hospitalization
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization treatments
  • Maternity cover
  • Coverage for medical consultations with doctors, physicians, and specialists
  • Surgical procedures
  • Medicare
  • Health preventive check-ups

Different types of health insurance policies are available for families and it is important to check the features of each one before deciding on one for your family.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Plans for Family

Taking care of your family’s  health well-being is a priority and providing optimal healthcare can be expensive for Bangladeshi citizens. Health insurance saves you from looking for funds, especially during medical emergencies but there are other benefits as well.

Tax Benefits

Contribution/premium payments on health insurance policies are governed by the tax laws of the Bangladesh Government. Speaking to your tax advisor will confirm what benefits are granted to you (usually up to 15% tax rebate) based on the laws of the country.

Peace of Mind

Buying health insurance gives you peace of mind that you and your family are protected both financially and medically during a health scare or emergency.

Preventive Health Insurance Check Up

The adage, “Prevention is better than cure” stands true, and preventive health check-ups often identify a medical problem in its early stages before it causes more damage!

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage releases you from the burden of covering medical expenses such as ambulances, critical and hospital care, home healthcare, and more from your own savings.

Affordable Premium

Health insurance plans for family members can be cost-effective while still giving you and your loved ones the best coverage and features when it comes to optimum healthcare benefits.


Instead of paying a premium for each individual to have their own health plan, you benefit from a discounted rate on a medical insurance policy for family members. Some policies give discounting for additional members added to the plan.

Why Should You Buy A Family Medical Insurance Plan?

It’s hard planning for medical eventualities but having a family insurance plan saves you the angst of finding money to pay for unexpected healthcare services.

Covers the Cost of Hospitalization

In-patient hospitalization is heavy on the pocket but health insurance will cover all costs associated with a hospital stay. Whether it’s an accident or illness that has landed you or a family member in the hospital, rest assured your health plan gives you the financial support needed during this time.

Offers Quality Medical Attention

While Bangladeshi individuals can rely on government healthcare facilities for medical attention, health insurance allows you to seek out quality care when you need it most.

Covers ICU Charges

ICU charges are expensive and if one of your family members is seriously injured or ill, they may need this facility to recover. A medical insurance policy for family members reimburses you for the costs associated with this type of care.

Beat Inflation

The current medical marketplace is unpredictable and inflation is on the rise in most countries including Bangladesh. Medical policies keep you and your family protected during economical volatility.

Covers Daycare Procedures

Daycare procedures are covered by most health insurance plans, allowing you to make a claim for reimbursement.

Save Tax

Your tax advisor will confirm what deductibles are allowed as savings on your taxable income.

Reduce Costs

Purchasing a family health insurance plan not only reduces the costs of utilizing your personal savings. But you could benefit from features such as no-claim bonuses.


Things to Consider When Buying Health Insurance for Family

When buying health insurance for family, taking note of some considerations is essential if you want the best healthcare support for your loved ones.


Not all medical issues require hospitalization but daycare procedures can be costly as well. Ensure your plan includes daycare to prevent paying expensive out-of-pocket payments yourself.

Organ Donor Expense

Having an organ transplant is expensive although and yet a lifesaver in emergencies. This feature is a must-have if you want to give your family members the best medical coverage for all eventualities without having to succumb to out-of-pocket expenses.

Pre-Post Hospitalization Expenses

Pre-and post-hospitalization treatment includes costs such as medicines, nursing, consultations, and tests that could drain your bank account if you’re not financially prepared for these expenses. Some of the best medical insurance policies include this feature.

Right Sum Insured

Getting the right sum insured is vital as you want to benefit from optimum healthcare coverage for your family during medical emergencies. A higher sum insured does mean more premium but opting for a lower amount may not be sufficient to cover all medical bills. Making an informed decision includes factoring in your age, medical history, inflation costs, and personal requirements.

Policy Term

Choosing a plan with a long term gives you peace of mind that you and your family are covered for a lengthy period. Looking for a plan for long-term coverage keeps you and your family protected for many years to come.



Family health insurance plans offer a lot of benefits in the event of any unforeseen medical issues that may occur to you or your loved ones. As the cost of healthcare increases, insurance can provide essential protection so that your family does not need to worry about daily expenses during treatment and recovery, or about how they will manage in your absence. From an array of different plans, enjoy the utmost flexibility to choose the perfect plan for you or your family.