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Secures Your Family, Secures Your Future

Being young doesn't assure your tomorrow's good health or earning. Amidst all these uncertainties, it’s your responsibility to ensure future financial security for you and your family/future family. To be prepared for the uncertain future, take it as a plan for both the saving scheme and insurance Policy.


  • Cash Values, Paid-Up Values, and Extended Term Insurance Values are guaranteed
  • Loans up to maximum of 85% of Cash Value is available, if required
  • Like all other life Policy(ies), the paid premiums are eligible for Income Tax rebate (subject to Bangladesh income tax laws)
Life Insurance Coverage
Death Benefit

In case of unfortunate death of the insured, Beneficiary will get the Face Amount plus accrued bonus/es (if declared by the company).

Maturity Value
Maturity Benefit

At Policy maturity, the Face Amount plus accrued bonus/es (if declared by the company) will be paid.


This Policy will participate in bonus declared in the form of Reversionary Bonus and Capital Growth Bonus (Terminal Bonus), if applicable. Please note that mentioned bonuses are not guaranteed.

Critical Illness Benefit
Personal Accidental Coverage (if chosen)

A) Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability will be equal to basic Face Amount but not exceeding BDT 2,000,000.

B) Accidental Dismemberment will be up to basic Face Amount but not exceeding BDT 2,000,000.

C) Accident Medical expense Reimbursement limit per accident will be up to 15% of basic Face Amount but not exceeding BDT 300,000.

Valuable Optional Riders
Valuable Optional Riders

You can also add the following optional Riders to your Policy by paying additional Premium

A) MediCare
B) Waiver of Premium
C) Hospital Care
D) Accident Indemnity Certificate 
E) Critical Care
F) Accident Indemnity Certificate /Limited Accident Insurance Certificate
G) Accidental Death Benefit