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MetLife Associate Recruitment Solution

At MetLife, we empower talented individuals like yourself by providing the necessary support to grow and excel as entrepreneurs.

How can you become an entrepreneur with MetLife?     

- Acquaint yourself with people interested about insurance     
- Change their negative perspective towards insurance     
- Be their financial advisor     
- Sell insurance products to prospective customers     
- Provide customer service post sales

Accelerated Career Path

MetLife Bangladesh has one of the strongest sales-based  business networks in the country. Its business operations are largely dependent on its agencies, which have a three-tier structure. You start as a Financial Associate, learning and growing your way up to become a Unit Manager. The final step is to own an agency office by your name, where you will be a Branch Manager.

Financial Associate (FA)

An entry level position of an independent contractor where a person sells insurance products as per clients’ need and provides continuous service.

Unit Manager (UM)

After achieving predetermined criteria set by the company, an FA is promoted to UM. S/he recruits, trains and motivates the FAs reporting to her/him.

Branch Manager (BM)

An UM is promoted to BM after s/he shows remarkable managerial competency. This is the top tier of the channel.

Recognition Initiatives

As a MetLife Career Agent, you are our priority. From personal progress to career development, we are here to support and help bring out the best in you. Get to know more about how you can grow with us.

Financial Independence

Your commitment to your job will help your customers have the right insurance coverage and provide you with financial independence

Learning and Development

From product training workshops to leadership programs, we’ll guide you along and enable your all-round development to uncover your true potential

Recognition and Accolades

MetLife rewards its high performers with opportunities to participate in highly coveted in-country, regional and global events

Better Work-Life Balance

Our quality programs include community building, team engagement, flexible work hours and mentoring support to enhance your work-life balance