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MetLife in Bangladesh


Established: 1952
Registered Name: American Life Insurance Company
Number of Customers: Around 1 million
Number of Sales Offices: 9

Number of Customer Touch Points: 14
Number of Agencies: 232
Number of Unit Offices: 65
Number of Financial Associates: Around 16,000

Financial Strength: AAA Credit Rating in Bangladesh

Awards & Recognitions:
i. Top taxpayers’ award from NBR, Bangladesh
ii. Best Employer Award

Primary Products & Services:
Individual Life Insurance,
Accident & Health,
Retirement Plan
Education Protection Plan
Employee Benefits/Group Life and Health


Our Management

Ala Uddin Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer, Bangladesh
CEO’s Office
Phone: +8801713045859

Md Jafar Sadeque Chowdhury
Additional Managing Director & Chief Distribution Officer
Agency Distribution
Phone: +8801713012718

Ala Uddin
Deputy Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +8801711081230

Wasi Noman
Deputy Managing Director & Chief Information Officer
Information Technology
Phone: +8801711500333

Kamrul Anam
Deputy Managing Director & Chief Operations Officer
Phone: +8801755698853

Md Tauhidul Alam
Assistant Managing Director & Chief HR Officer
Human Resources
Phone: +8801777758093

Syed M Nowfel Anower
Assistant Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing and Product
Phone: +8801313448873

Md Lutfor Rahman
Assistant Managing Director, Chief Agency Sales Officer
Agency Distribution
Phone: +8801711400365

Mohammed Ashraful Haque
Assistant Managing Director, Chief Agency Development Officer
Agency Distribution
Phone: +8801711435148

Our People

Our People

List of Employees
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List of Branch Managers
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List of Financial Associates
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Disaster management team

Disaster Management Team

Ala Uddin Ahmad
Designation: Chief Executive Officer, Bangladesh
Role: CMT Leader (Country/Local)

Md Jafar Sadeque Chowdhury
Designation: Additional Managing Director & Chief Distribution Officer
Role: CMT Leader (Alternate)

Mohammad Shahid Khan
Designation: Assistant Vice President 
Role: CMT Coordinator

Sharif Mehedi Hassan
Designation:  Vice President 
Role: CMT Coordinator (Alternate)

Ala Uddin
Designation: Deputy Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
Role: Finance

Nafis Akhter Ahmed
Designation: Deputy Managing Director & Chief Corporate Business Officer
Role: Sales

Md Tauhidul Alam
Designation: Assistant Managing Director & Chief HR Officer
Role: Human Resources

Faria Mahbub
Designation: Manager
Role: Communications

Shariful Anam Shuman
Designation: EVP & Head of IT
Role: Information Technology

Khandaker Mahmudul Haque
Designation: Executive Vice President 
Role: Information Technology (Alternate)

Md. Mizanur Rahman Shipon
Designation: Executive Vice President 
Role: Operations

Aaron Mousum Samadder
Designation: EVP & Head of Policy Administration
Role: Operations

Chowdhury Khaled Bin Habib
Designation: EVP & Head of Agency Services
Role: Operations

Md. Mostaque Ahammad
Designation: EVP and Head of Claims 
Role: Operations

A.K.M.G. Mohiuddin Ahmed
Designation: EVP & Head of Underwriting
Role: Operations

Shaila Parvin
Designation: EVP & Head of Legal
Role: Legal

Mohammad Redwanur Rahman
Designation: EVP & Financial Controller
Role: Finance (Alternate)

Sayed-Ur-Rahman Qumrul
Designation: Assitant Vice President 
Role: Global Customer Solutions (Alternate)

Mohammad Kamruzzaman
Designation: EVP & Head of Employee Benefits
Role: Global Employee Benefits

Mustak Hossain
Designation: EVP & Head of Government Relations
Role: Government Relations

Moinul Asif Hye
Designation: EVP & Head of Risk & Compliance
Role: Risk

Sharif Mostafiz
Designation: Vice President
Role: Procurement

Devbrota Biswas
Designation:  Assitant Vice President  
Role: Compliance

Asif Shams
Designation: EVP & Head of Bancassurance
Role: Line of Business

Sharif Ahmed
Designation: EVP & Head of Sales Training
Role: Distribution (Alternate)

Syed Refat Eqbal Shuvro
Designation: Assiatant Vice President 
Role: IT-Risk and Security

Jamil Ahmed
Designation: EVP & Head of Facilities and Administration
Role: Facilities Country Security Champion

Md. Obaidul Islam Khan
Designation: EVP & Head of Internal Audit
Role: Audit