To help more Bangladeshis access the benefits of life insurance, MetLife has reviewed the changing financial protection needs of its customers and the customer journey for purchasing insurance. As a result of its efforts to continuously improve both access and customer experience, it has made a number of significant changes.

First, it has introduced a simpler and innovative insurance application review process to make its world class life insurance products and services fully accessible.

Pregnant women can now be insured anytime during pregnancy without medical examination and homemakers can now get individual life insurance coverage of up to BDT 10 lacs. Parents considering purchasing life insurance for their children will also have enhanced flexibility in insurance coverage. 

Additionally, MetLife has identified scope for providing its customers with greater convenience. As a result, customers can now experience more flexible medical examination requirements including non-fasting blood testing, and the option to include relatives other than immediate family as beneficiaries.

Commenting on these inclusive initiatives, MetLife Bangladesh’s General Manager, Ala Ahmad said, “Insurance is an important financial planning tool, and as the leading life insurance company of Bangladesh, we want to extend the benefits of insurance to more people. We constantly explore avenues to introduce customer friendly products, services and processes so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of financial planning conveniently.”

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