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Market Leader Since 1997

When people are caught in the shadow of uncertainty regarding their future, insurance has always been what liberates them from this uncertainty. MetLife is an organization that has guaranteed financial security for peoples’ futures. Since 1965, MetLife is working as one of the leading insurance companies in the world to protect the socio-economic security of people. Today, MetLife is an icon for financial security to about 100 million subscribers in more than 40 countries.

MetLife started in 1864 as the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company by providing insurance to the Civil War veterans. In 1868, the company changed its name to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Since then, it has gained trust through providing life insurance, accident & health insurance, and employee & health benefit insurance. By 1909, MetLife became America’s largest and leading life insurance company. By the 1930s, 1 out of every 5 men, women and child in America were brought under insurance coverage. In 2010, MetLife bought the American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) from American International Group (AIG), which transformed MetLife into a larger organization.

After achieving the top position in America, the company started their services in different countries around the world, to assure protection from uncertainty of the world’s financial risk. MetLife operates in 25 countries in the Americas and provides insurance coverage to a number of companies listed in the Fortune 500 list. It is also the number 1 insurance company in Latin America, including Chile and Mexico. It is also one of the top insurance companies in the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and has partnerships with more than 150 companies in the EMEA. In Asia, it is Japan and Korea’s second largest foreign insurance company and holds the third position in direct marketing in China. In Bangladesh it is the first and biggest insurance company, providing insurance services to more than 10 million customers.

The company founded MetLife Foundation in 1976 to perform its social and corporate responsibilities, with a global goal to enable low-income people to become financially self-sufficient. MetLife Foundation is working to create a financially secure future by contracting those organizations that provide knowledge, products, and services to low-income people. Till 2017, MetLife Foundation donated $783 million worldwide. $70 million has been invested in different organizations, who are working to bring qualitative changes in communities. According to the commitment of the MetLife Foundation, since 2013 there has been a grant of $12 million in Bangladesh.

In addition to 49,000 employees and $584.2 billion of wealth management in 150 years of experience, the company has developed itself as the most trusted insurance service provider in the world. MetLife has been maintaining the highest standards and leadership in the world market since 1965 in the world insurance industry and will continue to do so by bringing in positive changes in our lives.

N.B. “The above rankings were taken from the Global Corporate Fact Sheet 2018”