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Management Commitment

Our management walks the talk while guiding our associates forward

Md. Jafar Sadeque Chowdhury

Chief Distribution Officer
MetLife Bangladesh

"Life Insurance is a rising sector in Bangladesh and we need a young talented workforce to explore this sector. MetLife Associate Recruitment Solution is our pioneering step to digitalizing the traditional recruitment process so that the industry may have young tech-savvy resources to serve the millennial customers. This solution will give the candidates the edge to get onboard with us in a smart and simple way. MetLife Associate Recruitment Solution will not only bring talented financial associates onboard but will also help us to offer the right solution to the right customer digitally."

Ala Uddin

Chief Financial Officer
MetLife Bangladesh

"A well-thought-out career path is the foundation of a successful professional life and financial well-being. MetLife Associate Recruitment Solution is a phenomenal avenue for our young tech savvy talents to achieve professional excellence in a smart way and start earning as they like so that they can safeguard own financial solvency, bear expenses of higher education or fulfill their hobbies without being reliant on the family. This platform is a customer-centric approach to carry MetLife’s legacy of putting customers first. I believe, our young talents will find this platform as the first step to climb up their ultimate success ladder."