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Frequently Asked Questions

The term Financial Associate represents a person who is registered under Insurance Act, receives or accepts commission or other remuneration, and collects insurance business with renewal or renewal of insurance policy.


The process of becoming a Financial Associate (FA) is very easy. To be registered as an FA, you have to complete the necessary trainings on MetLife Associate Recruitment Solution portal and do fieldwork with the Unit Manager/Branch Manager. After you verify the necessary documents, you will be finalized as an FA.

Yes, for the training certificate from Academy of Learning Bangladesh/Bangladesh Institute for Professional Development, you will have to pay BDT 575 and for the license from Insurance Development & Regulatory Authority Bangladesh to become a Financial Associate, you will have to pay BDT 200. However, you are not required to pay any fee to MetLife Bangladesh.


You must submit the following documents for the recruitment process-

1. Scanned copy of national ID card

2. Scanned copies of certificates as proof of educational qualification

3. Scanned copy of bank account’s check page


No, you do not have to make any investment to be a Financial Associate.

To reach your goals and to get the necessary information related to insurance, please visit the regular office meetings in accordance with the instructions of the Unit Manager/Branch Manager. There is no time-bound work for an FA. Rather, you can work at your convenient time to reach out to your potential customers.

There is no restriction to sell insurance policies. Insurance policies can be sold to any person.

MetLife will provide you with all required assistance and training throughout your career as a Financial Associate.


The commission is paid at a rate determined by the insurance law.

There are many scopes to improve as a Financial Associate. You will be given the opportunity to become a unit manager based on your performance, as a result you will be able to appoint new agents. Depending on your success as a unit manager, you may be promoted as a Branch Manager.