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Three Payment Plan Plus

Offers both life insurance protection and an attractive scheme from Metlife Bangladesh for your savings.

Three Payment Plan Plus (3PP) provides insurance protection and attractive returns on premiums
  • A unique scheme encompassing life insurance and savings protection
  • 50% of the face amount is paid before the maturity of the policy
  • Available for a wide range of terms
  • A variety of optional supplemental benefits are available to personalize the package to your needs 

Personal Accident Coverage

If you qualify for Accident Coverage, this Plan also provides following additional Benefits in case of your Death, Disability or Injury due to Accident within the Premium Paying Period:


Personal Accident Coverage

Accidental Death Benefit 100% of Face Amount
Permanent Total Disability Benefit 100% of Face Amount
Permanent Partial Disability Benefit For the Following Losses
For Loss of both Hands or Feet or Sight of Eyes
100% of Face Amount
For Loss of One Hand and One Foot 100% of Face Amount
For Loss of Either Hand/Foot and Sight of One Eye 100% of Face Amount
For Loss of Hearing of Both Ears 100% of Face Amount
For Loss of Speech 100% of Face Amount
For Loss of Either Hand or Foot 50% of Face Amount
For Loss of Sight of One Eye 50% of Face Amount
For Loss of Thumb and Index Fingers 25% of Face Amount
Medical Expenses Reimbursement (Maximum) 15% of Face Amount

Personal Accidental Coverage provides maximum of BDT 2,000,000 and its proportionate amount as mentioned above. For Housewives, and insureds of age 25 or below, the Maximum Coverage would be BDT 1,000,000

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Product overview Collapsed Expanded

The unique feature of this plan is that MetLife pays you 50% of the Face Amount before the maturity of the policy. It combines both death and living benefits in the most beneficial and convenient manner to you or your beneficiary(ies). 

The living benefits consists of three installment payments:

  • 25% of the face amount is paid at the end of one-third through the term of the policy.
  • Another 25% of the face amount is paid at the end of two-third through the term of the policy.
  • The remaining 50% of the face amount is paid at maturity, along with Reversionary Bonus and Capital Growth Dividends (if applicable).

The death benefit payment of the full Face Amount (along with bonuses) is paid in the event of death at any time during the term of the policy. 3PPP is available in 12, 15, 18, 21 or 24 year terms.

Protection all through Collapsed Expanded

Important, the 1st and/or 2nd Installment amount has no bearing on the Benefits receivable by the beneficiary(ies) in case of insured’s death. Even if the insured dies after the 2nd installment has been paid, the beneficiary(ies) receives the full face amount plus accrued bonuses. In the event of death, no deduction is made for the installments already paid.

Payments before maturity Collapsed Expanded

Two installments that you receive before maturity can be used to meet any of your following needs, or you can invest it whenever you want, to give you the maximum returns.

  • Buy additional protection from MetLife
  • Reinvest in your business
  • Meet expenses  for any emergency
  • Meet expenses  for education and marriage of your children
  • Finance future premiums for the same policy
  • Acquire assets
  • Automatic transfer of those installments to buy maturity recapture product
Bonuses & dividends Collapsed Expanded

MetLife’s 3PP Plus policy participates in the profits declared in the form of Reversionary Bonuses. 3PP Plus policies with terms 18 years and above may also be entitled to capital growth dividends (special bonus). From the end of 2nd year onwards, 3PP Plus policy starts building basic Cash Value and MetLife adds the applicable bonus amount to it. The current bonus rates may change in the future. However, the declared bonuses are paid at the time of maturity/death claim settlement. In case the policy is surrendered, basic Cash Value and Cash Value of Reversionary Bonus are payable.

Other attractive features Collapsed Expanded

Other attractive features are as follows:

  • Your Premium will never increase, given that you have provided correct information in the policy application form.
  • Cash Values, paid-up values and extended term insurance values are available.
  • The paid premiums are income tax deductible (Subject to Bangladesh Income Tax laws).
  • Loans up to a maximum of 85% of Cash Value is available if required.
Eligibility criteria Collapsed Expanded

Minimum age: 30 days and maximum age: 60 years

Policy terms Collapsed Expanded

12, 15, 18, 21 & 24 years

Basic Face Amount Collapsed Expanded

Minimum Face Amount: BDT 100,000

Maximum Face Amount: Face Amount will be determined as per company’s underwriting guidelines

For Juvenile:

Age 30 days to 5 years- Minimum BDT 100,000 and Maximum BDT 1,500,000

Age 6 years to 15 years- Minimum BDT 100,000 and Maximum BDT 2,000,000

Premium payment modes Collapsed Expanded

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually

Please note that, in case of monthly payment mode only EFT debit with Basic Face Amount of BDT 300,000 and above is applicable.

Currency Collapsed Expanded

Bangladesh Taka (BDT)

Exception Collapsed Expanded

Suicide (within two years from the date of issue or from the date of any reinstatement of the policy), War or AIDS-all are the exceptions in this policy. Please read the policy document for details on exceptions.

In Case of Policy Lapses Collapsed Expanded

If the premium remains unpaid after grace period (31 days from premium due date) and has not acquired a Basic Cash Value, Policy shall not provide any value/benefit. 

In Case of Policy Surrender Collapsed Expanded

There will be no Surrender Value if the policy is surrendered anytime during the first 2 years. Upon surrender at any time after 2 years the policy owner will receive Basic Cash Value and Cash Value of Reversionary Bonus.

Glossary of Insurance Terms Collapsed Expanded

This PDF file provides a glossary of insurance terms and definitions that are commonly used in the insurance business. Click Here

Brochure Collapsed Expanded

The PDF provides the existing Three Payment Plan brochure of MetLife Bangladesh.Click Here