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Education Protection Plan (EPP) Plus

Secure your Child’s Future
The cost of higher education has been on the rise for many years now. How can you make sure that the needed amount is available at the time your child is ready to go for higher education? You may find it difficult to come up with the funds unless you plan for it and save regularly. Even if you save regularly, can you still be sure that you will live long enough to complete the savings plan?
  • Give your children the best start in life by saving for his or her education
  • Flexible plan with terms of up to 21 years
  • Waiver of remaining premium facility
  • Provides a regular income to cover your child’s higher education expenses in the unfortunate event of the death of the policy owner
  • Option to choose the disability protection rider 

Personal Accident Coverage

If you qualify for Accident Coverage, this Plan provides following Benefits in case of your Death, Disability or Injury due to Accident within the Premium Paying Period

Personal Accident Coverage

Accidental Death Benefit 100% of Face Amount
Permanent Total Disability Benefit 100% of Face Amount
Permanent Partial Disability Benefit For the Following Losses
Hands or Feet or Sight of Eyes
100% of Face Amount
One Hand and One Foot 100% of Face Amount
Either Hand/Foot and Sight of One Eye 100% of Face Amount
Hearing of Both Ears 100% of Face Amount
Speech 100% of Face Amount
Hand or Foot 50% of Face Amount
Sight of One Eye 50% of Face Amount
Thumb and Index Fingers 25% of Face Amount
Medical Expenses Reimbursement (Maximum) 15% of Face Amount

Personal Accidental Coverage provides maximum of Tk. 2,000,000 and its proportionate amount as defined above. For housewives, and policy owners of age 25 or below the Maximum Coverage would be Tk. 1,000,000.

I need to learn more about Education Protection Plan (EPP) Plus
Product Overview
  • At plan maturity, The Face Amount of the Policy PLUS Bonus(es) are paid. The money can be used to pay for his/her higher education. Or if he/she has already completed education, money may be very helpful to start his/her new career, cover marriage expenses, or support other important events in life.
  • In the unfortunate event of your death, protects your child's financial future by paying out a monthly sum of 1% of the Face Amount every month for his/her education till the maturity of the policy. The policy also provides for a waiver of all future premiums in order to keep the policy active and in-force. At Maturity, he/she would receive the Face Amount (FA) with Bonus(es).
  • You can choose to add a Disability Protection Rider (DPR) to this plan which will protect you in the event of a disability due to sickness or accident.
  • This EPP Plus plan also provides a personal accident coverage that ensures the financial future of your loved ones in case of your death, disability or injury due to accident.
  • In the unfortunate event of the child’s loss of life before the plan’s maturity, Face Amount plus accrued Bonus(es) are payable, subject to Juvenile Endorsement. For details please see the Policy Document.
Payments on your Disability

For an additional premium, you can add Disability Protection Rider (DPR) that provides the following:

In the event of your Total and Permanent disability due to Sickness or Accident:

  1. Future Premiums will be waived.
  2. Income equal to 1% of the Face Amount will be paid Every Month to the Child till the Maturity of the Policy, and
  3. At Maturity, your child will receive the Face Amount along with the Bonus(es).
Optional Riders

You can also add following optional riders to your basic plan by paying additional premium:

Hospital Care: Weekly Benefit when you or your family members are hospitalized due to accident or sickness.

Critical Care: A lump sum payment for you in case of your diagnosis of or actual undergoing of surgery for, as the case may be, any of the covered dread diseases.

Please note that the coverage of Hospital Care, if taken, will be ceased immediately in case of your death or total and permanent disability (under Disability Protection Rider).

Participatory Bonus

The policy will participate in bonus declared in the form of Reversionary Bonus and Capital Growth Bonus (Terminal Bonus), if applicable. Please note that mentioned bonuses are not guaranteed.

Eligibility Criteria

Insured Child: Minimum age 30 days and maximum age 15 years

Policy Owner: Minimum age 21 years and maximum age 55 years

Policy Term

You can select any period from 10 to 21 years. However, the child’s age plus the policy term should not exceed 25 years.

Coverage Amount

Child's age 30 days to 5 years- Minimum Tk.100,000 and Maximum Tk.1500,000

Child's age 6 years to 15 years- Minimum Tk.100,000 and Maximum Tk.2,000,000

Other Attractive Features
  • Cash Value, Paid-Up and Extended Term Insurance are guaranteed
  • Your premium will never increase, given that you have provided correct information in the policy application form. 

Bangladesh Taka (BDT) 

Premium Payment Modes

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually

Please note that in case of monthly payment mode, only EFT debit is applicable


Suicide (within 2 years from the date of issue or from the date of any reinstatement of the policy), War or AIDS-all are the exceptions in this policy. Please read the policy document for details on exceptions

In Case of Policy Lapses

If the premium remains unpaid after grace period (31 days from premium due date) and has not acquired a Basic Cash Value, Policy shall not provide any value/benefit. 

In Case of Policy Surrender

There will be no surrender value if the policy is surrendered anytime during the first 2 years. Upon surrender at any time after 2 years the policy owner will receive cash surrender value as per cash value chart.

Glossary of Insurance Terms

This PDF file provides a glossary of insurance terms and definitions that are commonly used in the insurance business. Click Here

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