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Awards and Accolades

MetLife is known to be a top global performer for its prolonged success and dedication

For more than 150 years, MetLife has been working to keep countless people and their families safe from the risks of financial uncertainty. Through this, MetLife is playing an important role in strengthening social bonds by ensuring the financial security of the individual and the family.

MetLife has earned its reputation around the world by meeting the needs of around 100 million customers. On top of that, the company has established MetLife Foundation, to perform its corporate and social responsibilities. By working with the knowledge, products and service providers to help people with low income, they are working in a financially secure future.

Through MetLife Foundation, the company has invested $ 783 million worldwide and has invested in various institutions in positive organizations for positive change in the community. Along with customer service, workforce for 49,000 employees and staff is ensuring the best work environment, environmentally friendly workplace, and the best opportunities.

By ensuring social guarantees in the lives of people as well as fulfilling social responsibility, MetLife is making significant contributions to the economy of more than 40 countries. As a result, MetLife has been recognized as the 43rd in the Fortune 500 list for its performance and contribution.

Working Mother Media recognized MetLife among the top 100 companies in the world for working mothers. According to the National Association for Female Executives, MetLife is one of the Top 50 companies for women executives. The Black EOE Journal recognized MetLife as the best among the best employers for the African-American workforce. The David Thomas Foundation for Adoption recognized the MetLife as the best adoption-friendly workplace.

Newsweek Green Rankings recognized MetLife as the Greenest Insurer in the US. And MetLife has also been included in the list of Disability Equality Indexes by the American Association of People with Disabilities and US Business Leadership Network.

Since the beginning of its operation in Bangladesh, MetLife has made an unprecedented contribution to the financial uncertainty of the people of this country. Since 2013, MetLife Foundation has donated nearly $12 million to bring positive change in the lives of low-income people of Bangladesh.

MetLife is playing an important role in the economic development of Bangladesh through large investments in the insurance sector as well. The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has recognized MetLife as the highest tax payer for 8 times. It has also achieved the highest credit rating "AAA" in the credit ratings beginning in 2010 for the insurance companies in Bangladesh.

These recognitions have given MetLife renewed vigor to continue its journey in removing financial insecurity in the lives of people and solidify its position as the world’s top insurance provider.